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Ute Müller & Dr. Dirk Stieger

Four hands, two heads – from idea to development, design and marketing


Our story:

Our story is the story of thousands of other people; we think it could also be yours. Isn’t this a familiar tale: You’ve just moved in and haven’t got a suitable lamp for every room yet. As a temporary measure you use a cord and a bulb.  Not very posh, but easy to install. Once you’ve found the “ideal“ lamp, installing it unfortunately often turns into a nerve-racking experience (drilling, fastening plates, screwing etc.)


This is where we asked ourselves: Isn’t there a lamp which can be installed in no time and looks good, too? So far we haven’t found any; this is why we have come up with a solution of our own. Twister Lighting follows a remarkably simple principle: two in one - lamp and fastening system all in one. All that’s needed is a hook,  without any further fastening elements or tools such as screws, fastening plates, clamps, drilling etc.


We are very grateful that in the course of this whole process we have come into contact with people who have assisted us with their knowledge and their experience.


We are happy to present you with the results.

twister LIGHTING – a new generation of lamps that leave nothing to be desired where function and design are concerned. We hope that this will help you, too, to make installing your lamps an easier matter.


Give your Light a twist!





Yours, Ute Müller  &  Dr. Dirk Stieger

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